Its all about Culture and Tradition

We set ourselves the goal of documenting the cultural traditions and heritage of different countries, people, colorful places and locations around the world. We are creating a high-quality library with 4K and 8K video footage that next generations will be able to use in their content media platforms and video films.

The purpose of the website National Footage is to help video production studios, marketing and advertising agencies to find any stock video footage for their creative or documentary projects.  National Footage is developed and created by creative content production company Nektar Digital.

If you look video footage of special places, city or some documentary videos – National Footage will helps you get best 4K stock videos under royalty-free license. Go to Video Footage Stock


This super Green Screen team has made a Footage spesially for us! It took just a week. Never met servise like this before! Thaaanks!

Have you seen that hardcore guitarists pack? That's exactly what we're searching for! Green screen stock you rock, guys!

Nicolas Gaete

Event Manager

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